Top 5 Reasons Why Google Will Never Fail

Recently I came across an article on Internet that explained the reasons why Google would fail in the future. After reading it, it dawned to me that there is so much about Google which people are missing. So I decided to put pen to paper or more literally, fingers to keyboard, and let people know that why Google Inc. will never collapse.

Here are the top 5 reasons why Google will rule the world in the future.

5. Jack of all trades, and master of All!
Google is perhaps the only corporation that is competing and providing its services in almost every sector of the computer industry. Starting from humble beginnings of birth at a dorm-room at Stanford, Google is now providing solutions ranging from its basic Search Engine to Smartphone solutions to Social Networking and Cloud computing.

4. Chrome OS.
You can call it a browser on steroids, but you cannot deny the importance and demand of an Open Source OS that is more flexible and variable than the rigid old Windows. With its app store providing applications for almost everything, it is far easier, convenient and cheap to download and enjoy the apps you need.

3. Smart move for Smartphones.
Although Google already stepped up into the Smartphone industry with the launch of Nexus One and Nexus S, but with the biggest move ever made by purchasing Motorola Mobility for 12.5Bn $s, Google has dived right into the Smartphone industry. Android holds 43% of the market shares in Smartphone operating systems in 2011, it will rise explosively when Google starts launching Smartphones as a move to counter the iPhone fever. Android is already the world's most used Smartphone platform, powering over 190 million devices.

2. The Social Society.
After Orkut died mainly because of its privacy concerns and the launch of Facebook (which provided better privacy at that time), Google has learned a lot, which they surely exhibited in the G+. If you were expecting to see that Facebook draining completely on the next day of the launch of G+, you were very naïve, my friend. Even Facebook took years to break away users from Orkut. And Facebook might lose its member-base because of the same reasons as Orkut. Facebook has been introducing too much "reforms" in a very small extent of time, and also killing privacy of its users at many places. These new "reforms" might turn destructive against Facebook in the long run. G+ will surely emerge triumphant.

1. Surfing the Cloud.
Google might be the only one who has blurred the lines between cloud computing and desktop computing. With the launching of its powerful Chromebooks, which are being classified as a new generation of "Net-tops", Google is probably the first player to enter this promising field. Google recently bought over around 1023 of IBM patents in a broad range of areas, including SEO, relational databases, Object Oriented programming, servers, routers and fabrication and architecture of memory and Microprocessing chips. This maybe a new addition in their arsenal to fight the patent wars and can also be a hint for something huge.

Some last words for people who challenge the credibility of Google: The phrase is "Google It". 'Nuff said.