Android Home Project - Control House Lights With Android

The Web search engine giant Google Inc., is more 'intruding' into a world out of the Web. The company has now prepared an energy efficient Google LED bulb that you can turn on and off with an Android smartphone or an Android touchpad. The Google bulb is proposed to save energy as least as possible. Once the control of lighting of your home comes in your hand, you can instantly manage it and save energy even a bit. Google has worked in association with Lighting Science Group to realize this amazing Android smartphone controllable LED lamp.

The intelligent Google bulb works with a computer chip, which helps you control the lighting of your home. Most of Android smartphones from companies like Samsung, HTC, Acer, LG, Sony Ericsson, and many other will be compatible with the feature. An application on your handset will help you control the lightning. You can just touch on, off or on buttons to control your bed room's bulbs now.

Does it sound great?

The Google LED bulb is also equipped with GPS system and proximity sensors. It will automatically turn off and on your room's bulbs when you get in and out of the rooms. The feature will save your time and the energy as well in a fantastic way. Even a single second's sparing of energy can be saved with the technology. Moreover, it is an LED bulb that itself consumes less energy than the CFLs.

Google LED bulb can noticeably replace all other innovative bulb controlling methods. You may remember the Clapper of 80s. It was a wonderful technology that you can just control the lights and stereo on claps. But the technology failed as it responded to your coughs and your dog's barking near to your windows. The new Google LED bulb won't have any such deficiencies, because it is made up using the most advanced technologies like proximity sensors and GPS.

In fact, Google LED bulb is part of that Android @Home project that is expected to bring several services under the control of Android smartphones and tablets. The project is also to offer a step light, security lamp and a light switch in near future. Google's decision to revolutionize home automation is a clear indication of the Web giant's plan not to confine itself in Web services only.

More home automation products are anticipated to come out of Google's labs in the coming months and years. Your Android smartphone and tablet will eventually turn as an ultimate controller of many incredible activities other than for just making calls, surfing the Web and watching films. You will be simply able to manage lightning, security, stereo and TVs of your household with your valuable Android products. We can't wait for such a world that Google is trying to realize in coming years.