How to prevent your mobile data loss in case of snatching

Folks,today what i am going to tell you is a wonderful site named "RSEVEN". Most of us encountered with mobile theft or mobile snatchers. As we all are aware that mobile phone is our most personal device; it is with us most of the time that's why it contains very important data regarding our daily activities; calls made, text received, pictures taken, contact, emails and etc so this theft or snatching not only cause our financial loss but loss of our valuable data as well.
So whenever we lost our mobile. We are really in merciful situation because we not only lost our precious data but become isolated from our entire gathering.
Now the question is that how to prevent our data loss because this is the only thing we can do in such situations. The answer is "". By this site you can create backup of your mobile data even record your incomming and outgoing calls voice and voice mailbox as well. When you backup and sync your mobile to Rseven, the website will show those activities in a Timeline format and displays the strength of your relationships with the people that you communicate with and by which whenever you want to restore your activities you can in the chronological order.

For further reference i am attaching this video.