Careers: Computer Science Engineering, Architecture, Leather Technology

The growing careers these days are computer in science engineering, which deals with usage of mathematical skills and applications, career as architecture, which displays designer skills and career in leather technology which deals with basic inclination towards the profession. These careers are growing rapidly and have lot of job opportunities.

Career in computer science engineering:

Computers have become the life line of the new world. It has dominated almost all career fields. Due to growth in information technology the computer industry has flourished tremendously and has been a great achievement for the economy of India and globally. Computer science engineering has grown as a career option. They apply their knowledge of mathematics and science and design various computers.

They are divided in to two groups: those who deal with computer equipment are called hardware engineers, and those who deal with computer programmes are called software engineers. t is these computer engineers who design software and hard ware computer-based systems for embedded micro controllers, designing - VLSI chips, analog sensors, mixed signal circuit boards and operating systems.

Career in architecture:

Every country is determined by its economy and its physical appearance, which makes it a famous tourism spot and eventually brings in money. Architecture therefore is an important career which plays an important role. Now focus is given to luxury and comfort than basic shelter and homing. This has made architecture a high in demand.

Every building, theatre, house or halls are designed in a beautiful manner which requires the expertise thinking and skills of architectures.

Career in leather technology:

Leather technology is one of the most lucrative career options these days. Earlier this industry was not given much importance and people were appointed based on their experience and not formal training. But now since it’s in demand and growing forcefully, there are many institutes and colleges providing diplomas and degrees in this field. Indian leather industry is the fourth largest export industry in the world. This makes it obvious that one who gets into this profession has sure shot success and a handsome pay. Leather wear constitutes a variety of products ranging from footwear and accessories like belts, bags, purses and caps to toys, upholstery, baggage, musical instruments, garment tags, gift items etc.

A career in leather technology or architecture or computer science engineering all serve the same purpose of securing a future and contributing in the prosperity of a country as well as the individual involved.