Understanding What Is Cloud Computing and Its Advantages to Businesses

As per a recent survey, over 80% of key decision makers in businesses are not using cloud computing. And, around 40% of them are not aware of cloud computing. So, if you are not aware of what is cloud computing read on to learn its advantages.

It allows you to store software and files remotely, in place of storing it on a local server or hard drive. There may be several business owners who are already relying on cloud computing without even realizing. The best examples are in the form of Hotmail and Gmail, Skype, YouTube and SoundCloud. SoundCloud is a music sharing website.

If you have international operations, cloud computing is going to help you in many different ways. The major benefit is in the form of flexibility. With it, your staff will be able to access the data and files remotely. As long as you have access to the internet, the information can be accessed from home, on the go, from the office of your client and even from your Smartphone.

Another important thing you would want to know about what is cloud computing is that your staff can even work collaboratively on different documents and files even from different locations. They can view and edit documents simultaneously from various locations. It make business processes fast and convenient. For example, consider the speed with which you can setup and access your web-based email account. And, an internet connection is all that you require, whether you are using your computer or phone.

It is cheaper and brings down the labor costs. You don't have to purchase or install the software additionally as it is installed on the remote systems. In addition, you can also find several applications being offered free of cost. You don't have to pay for the vast disk space that you get. The key to understanding what is cloud computing is that you are subscribing to the software and resources, and not buying them. Thus, you would be paying for it only when you require it. This clearly means that it is flexible, as you can instantly and conveniently scale up or down the usage as per the requirement. This feature of cloud computing is going to be helpful when you have occasional peaks in demand, as in the summers or at Christmas.