The Ultimate Laptop Bag - What to Carry With Your Computer

A laptop bag should contain within it everything that you could need in order to use your laptop. This is a portable bag in which you will keep all of your belongings that you might use alongside your laptop itself, and in theory it should mean that you have everything you could need for your desk with you (or its portable counterpart). With a well-stocked laptop bag you will be able to stop and do any kind of work no matter where you are. Here we will look at what you should pack to make this a possibility.

First of all your laptop bag should of course contain a laptop. This is going to be the centerpiece of your items and what everything will work around. Make sure that it is small enough to carry easily while being powerful enough to provide everything you need it for. As a general rule a 10'' screen provides you with an almost optimum balance of portability while still having a big enough keyboard to type quickly and all the usual bells and whistles. A laptop this size can in fact help you to type more quickly in many cases - simply because the keys are closer together. Once you learn to get used to the smaller keyboard size you will find that your fingers don't have as far to travel. Make sure your laptop has space for a 64GB SD card - we'll come to this later.

Another very useful thing to have is a spare battery or a battery charger. There are many exciting types of battery chargers that you can get, and these will generally allow you to charge from the sun or even from tablespoons of water in some cases. At the very least you should make sure that you carry the power cable with you so that you can steel power from wall sockets in coffee shops or on the train. This way you won't be left without your laptop because it ran out of power.

You should also get a 64GB SD card and this will help you to do many things with your laptop. It will increase your storage space first and foremost so that you can save more things, but then it will allow you to take that data with you and communicate with other machines. Library computers, many smart phones and everything else take 64GB SD, so if you copy onto there you can print out your items or share music with friends.

Finally you should get an Android phone with the 2.2 version operating system. Why? Because this has internet tethering which enables you to use your phone as a WiFi hotspot thereby sharing your internet connection with your computer. This way you can check your e-mail, look up information online and generally use your computer as you would at home wherever you are.

The best laptop bags then can store all these items in with a little room for notes or a book. Don't necessarily limit yourself to looking for laptop bags as many smaller shoulder bags and carry cases can serve the same purpose.