Top Laptop Choices for College Students

College life couldn't be the same without a gadget to help students find information for in their studies, write papers and also interact with other students and family, play games or watch movies and listen to music. That's why any student should not be without a laptop.

But when it comes to actually choosing a laptop for a student, how would one know what to choose from the wide array of available mobile computer choices?

Since it has to be able to do a bit of each, it should be something like an everyday use sort of laptop, but maybe a bit better if there are extra needs to be attended to.

The first thing any student needs to be able to do with a laptop is write papers and search for relevant information on the web to help them in their studies. These simple tasks can be accomplished by any laptop, so you'll just have to get a bit more specific about those needs that need attending.

Students going to arts or design colleges might need a better laptop with them, since they will be surely working with graphic design application, which in most cases need a lot more resources from the whole system than average apps like the Office Suite require. In this case, you should look for a laptop equipped with a dual or quad core processor, with at least 3GB or RAM installed and a dedicated graphics card with up to 1GB of memory. This sort of laptop will run most graphic design applications, so the arts / design student won't run into trouble any time soon.

If you'd also like to play games on a laptop, but not just any games, the modern 3D ones, then the options tend to narrow down a bit to a few elite laptops from renowned manufacturers. These are the gaming beasts that only a few people can afford, but they look and work with stellar performance in any given situation. It doesn't matter what you need the laptop for, one of these will run any application or game without any problem.

All in all you need to pay special attention to what you purchase before running into trouble from lack of system resources. The best student laptop is a laptop that aligns itself with all the needs and demands the student might have from a mobile computer during their college years.