Tips to Make a Successful App

Steve Demeter, founder and CEO of Demiforce earned $2,50,000 by an application called Trism, in its first two months of availability. He created this app with a help of a designer, for whom he paid only $500. It is a simple idea that makes him a rich man.

Every average individual can make money with app making. Developing a good application is the first thing in this process. The application must be simple and as small as possible. A smaller application runs faster than a bigger one. If it is a bigger app, a buyer with only a little space in his iPhone may avoid it. With fewer people to buy, you might not make money you want to make.

Don't try to bundle all the features while launching an app. First release a lighter version with important features. Then release a premium version with additional features. This idea helps you to make your app smaller and you can also earn more by charging more for the premium app. Small and simple apps make people to use it over and over again.

The second step is submitting your app to the App Store. After reviewing the application, they will place it at the top of the chronological list. The first few days are very important for any developer. During these days, his/her app is more visible and makes most of the money.

There is simple trick to remain at the top of the directory. Make revisions to you app and resubmit it. This will make App Store to relist your app to top of the directory. Even with simple and small modification, you can resubmit your application to the App Store.

To resubmit, you have to fill out a resubmission form and fill out a "what is new" section. Always resubmit you apps on Fridays or Thursdays. App Store does not list new apps in weekends. The apps submitted on Friday and Thursday, remain at the top of the list for the longest time.

These simple tips will help you to boost the visibility of your applications and attract users in App Store. But there is no guarantee that these steps would definitely sell your application. To achieve this you should focus more on iPhone app development. Creating a concise and efficient application is important.

If your application is a good one and you follow these simple steps, you can succeed in the App Store. Developing an app with creative idea is the key and making it visible for most of the time is the trick to the success. If you are good at both, you can make money by application development.