Talk Fusion Or My Video Talk - 18 Key Features - Which Is Right For You?

First, let me start off by saying I'm not a distributor for either product. I am exercising due diligence and doing a comparison contrast between the two products based on the information I have to date. As more information is gathered I will update so that the products can be represented fairly.

In this article we will do a comparison contrast between 18 key features of Talk Fusion (TF) and My Video Talk (MVT) which we think are important to the end-user.

1. Video Conferencing - TF allows 15 participants while MVT allows a total of 6 participants.

2. Live Broadcasting - MVT allows a maximum of 250 participants and TF allows unlimited participants.

3. Bandwidth - This is another very important feature and it appears that there is a charge for overage with MVT and unlimited usage with TF.

4. Storage - The results for storage were the same as bandwidth TF provides unlimited storage while MVT will charge a fee for overage.

5. Product Availability - Both products have a network marketing component to them, that being said, My Video Talk requires that 2 distributors must be recruited before access is allowed to its video conferencing product. Talk Fusion allows immediate access to all its products.

6. Product Development - TF develops and owns all its technologies. Regarding MVT some technologies are leased and a second login is required to access third-party software once in the back office.

7. White List - TF is white listed with 1.8 billion ISP's and MVT reports that emails are blocked frequently and rerouted to SPAM folder.

8. Video Email Filters - We could not find and available information for My Video Talk but found that Talk Fusion automatically passed the following filters: Outlook 2003 & 2007, Bright Mail, Cloudmark, Messagelabs, Postini, SPAM Assasin, IronPort and Barracuda.

9. View Video Emails On Smart Phones - TF has capability to view on iPhone, iPad and Android while this feature is not available with MVT.

10. Sending Email - MVT allows one email to be sent at a time and TF allows thousands of emails to be sent at a time.

11. Sharing Video Emails - TF allows videos to be shared with over 300 social networks while this feature is not available on MVT.

12. Custom Designed Templates - MVT does not offer custom templates you must design you own. TF offers over 500 custom templates.

13. Templates In Other Languages - MVT only offers templates in English while TF offers templates in 7 different languages.

14. Post Video To Website - This feature can be accomplished with TF but is unavailable with MVT.

15. Tracking Reporting In Real Time - Another nice feature which is available with TF but not available with MVT.

16. Video Tutorials - MVT does not provide any video tutorials but we were able to find video tutorials as well as PDF instructions on TF.

17. Account Users - TF allows up to 5 users per account but this feature is not available with MVT.

18. Cost For Distributorship - My Video Talk costs $399 to join then $49/month and Talk Fusion costs $375 to join then $20/month.

Now, regarding both Talk Fusion and My Video Talk let us put one thing to rest, to my knowledge no one has TRUE video email. What they do is take a screenshot of the video and use the image and when you click on the image you are redirected to another site where the video sits waiting on you.

There are a host of companies that have technology that allows you to send a video link in an email. These two have added the network marketing component. The technology is not new or unique there are many players you just have to do your research and figure out which is the best fit for you.


Video technology is the future we would rather watch a quick 3 to 4 minute video than read a 2 to 3 page document. So I give both products a thumbs up video is certainly the future.