Four Fabulous Benefits of Using Audience Response System

Audience RESPONSE SYStem (ARS) is a highly interactive technological boon which is used in creating interactivity between presenters and audience. Presenters can make use of ARS to keep their audience all the more engaged, motivated and empowered. Let us go straight away to the 4 most unique benefits of using an Audience response system:

• Keeps you Engaged and Motivated
Can we doubt this, I bet 'no', as ARS is considered as a best means to carry out two-way communication between presenter and audience. This two way communication helps in eradicating the communication gaps and misunderstandings and it acts as a best medium to carry out open-end discussions, polls and evaluations. Thus, keeping the audience all the more engaged and empowered.

• Increase Knowledge Retention
Actually, it is amazing and true to know that a two-way communication carried out with the help of an audience response system can help in improving audience attentiveness which, in turn, leads in increase in their eagerness and interest to know more about active discussions and evaluations. As a result, this whole leads to increase in knowledge retention.

• Track Individual Responses
The best part is that ARS can be used as a voting system. It helps in keeping a track of individual responses. The audience can participate by selecting the answer they believe is correct according to them by pushing the matching key on their ARS handset and those responses are then sent to a receiver attached to presenter's computer. The Audience Response System software gathers the results, which can be used later on to track and show honest and unbiased individual responses within team meetings and presentations.

• Promotes Discussions
No doubt, that audience response system promotes discussions and interactivity in both educational and corporate setting. In an educational set up, Educators can make use of audience response system in their classrooms to make pupils understand key lessons and concept easily and in an enjoyable manner. Their keen interest; in interactive teaching sessions can help in promoting group discussions in the classrooms. Similarly, audience response system can also be used in corporate set up to help in increasing employee's involvement and group discussions to bring out their opinions and feedbacks regarding new sales and marketing strategies, newly launched offers or company rules.

Besides these 4 outstanding benefits, ARS also carries numerous other benefits as well. These are interoperable, flexible and can be used excellently with supportive software. The biggest benefit is that, now, audience response system can be used without the need of handsets through an Interactive Graphic which can be assessed and displayed on the screen of any PC, laptop or a Mobile phone.