The Benefits Of Cloud Computers Over Yesterday's Technologies

Cloud computing is a new technology and so granted it is going to have a number of flaws. You don't want to linger too long on the possible drawbacks but instead look at the advantages. Using a cloud platform does hold a number of excellent advantages. Because of these advantages it means that companies are looking more and more to adopt cloud computing for internet presence and infrastructure. Hosting companies are now looking at building more of there products around cloud platforms.

The scalability of this system means you do not have to go and source hardware and then get it set up and commissioned just because your business has a sudden pick up. After a few weeks you don't have to take your new hardware back out of service as demand has dropped off. You can instead just sit back and take it cool by subtracting and adding capacity as you need to.

Cloud computing uses a pricing model based on consumption. Resulting in you paying for the resources used, which is the downside with dedicated servers.

As you don't need to buy extra software licenses, hardware or set up costs it makes the implementation easy. Meaning that a company can use a cloud computing platform for a lot less than that of a similar on site solution. This streamlines your time and money by being able to have accurate forecasts of costs.

Being able to have skilled professionals available with any new technology that gets popular is important. It is not uncommon for big vendors to offer customers a reliable service with these new technologies. The solution is large enough to be able to supply datacentres with endless amounts of storage and computing power.

Internal resources are also given greater control.

By giving the cost and burden of managing the servers to a third party it allows for the in house team to work on more important things. With this you can also save money on staff training. Using a third party cloud management system solves lots of problems.

You will enjoy increased quality of service. Particularly if normally you happened to have network outages you had to fix yourself, which can in some cases be simple or take hours or even days. A good cloud host will offer you an SLA and will take care of any issues. Any technical issues should therefore be dealy with very quickly. You will certainly sleep better at night, knowing someone is taking care of things for you.

Security is normally an even greater priority in a cloud situation than within an internal system. People think that because it is not just a single server with a hard disk in that it is wide open and everyone can access it. The data is held in a way that proven cryptographic services are involved to authenticate users. If your very worried you could encrypt the data before transmitting it to a third party. This extra encryption will cause considerable increased load on your cloud instance meaning that you could end up paying alot more for the extra CPU and memory needed.