Meet Technology & Imagination At Teens & Kids Summer Computer Camps

Summer is here and moreover you are afraid your kid is going to spend all his/her time on Facebook. And also he or she absolutely refuses to be separated from the computer as well as the cellphone. Its a no-win situation for all parties, with no solution in sight. Well, there is a solution, actually and its tech summer camps.

Tech camps or computer camps are fast changing traditional camps to keep kids as well as teens engaged through the summer. These are high-tech accelerated tech programs and target on tech education for ages 6 - 17. Summer computer camps are based on the philosophy that tech learning should never be confined to summer camps, but has to be an integral part of school and even after-school curriculum.

What are the gains of going to a computer camp?

Carefully structured lessons and even focus on hands-on learning.
Advanced tech skills that are normally taught as university courses.
Better performance at school and even valuable preparation for future careers in technology.
Endless access to the latest software.
Focus on outdoor summer camp activities to balance the five or six hours spent working with computers.
Low camper to counselor ratio, with graduate students as well as industry professionals as instructors.

What sorts of programs are available with kids camps?

Your kids gets to choose from a wide range of technology offerings, generally based on gaming as well as multimedia digital film-making, web design, flash animation, video game design, graphic design, 3D character modeling, comic book design, professional gaming, game modding, action scripting, Java, C++, machinima, digital photography, computer programming and robotics.

Teen summer camps have project-based instruction as well as campers get to take their final project home. While tech education is strongly emphasized, your child also gets to relax with traditional camping activities like swimming, sports and moreover non-computer stuff such as chess.

Majority of computer camps are arranged on college or even university campuses such as Stanford, MIT, UCLA and others at the summer because classrooms, housing and even other infrastructure is easily present. And you need not worry about your child becoming a nerd with zero social skills. Majority kids make lifelong friendships relying on mutual interests at tech camp. Evenings at computer camp are dedicated to fun activities that enable childrens to work together with each other and even entice teamwork and even socialization.

Attending tech summer camp is a fun way for your child to learn study regarding the latest technology with the assistance of qualified and even enthusiastic instructors. Bet your child will be begging to go again next summer!