Become a Model in Intel's Rockstar Advertisement

Dear Fellows today i am here with an amazing trick. Anyone who is a TV maniac, must have seen the Intel Rockstar Ad, its quite an interesting ad. Now did you ever wish to see yourself in place of the Rockstar, surely i wished a lot whenever i used to see that ad, and i am sure there were thousands like who used to wish the same. Thanks to Intel, you can now put yourself in that ad, YES ITS TRUE. You just have to upload a pic of yours(Only Face), and rest everything will be done automatically and that's it within a few seconds your video will be ready. There are 3 limitations which has to be kept in mind while uploading the pic.

1. No eyewears
2. No hair on the forehead
3. Mouth should be closed

Just keep these three points in mind while uploading your image.

The site also uploads the video on youtube if you want, so that you can share it with your friends.