How to stop illegal usage of your WIFI

Friends after a long time spending on stressful projects, I am here to tell you some thing really important. As I have discussed in some of my older posts about Wireless hacking and tools which can stop it. Now I am here with an amazing new tool.This tool called Moocher Hunter can help you physically track the users connected in your WiFi network. This tool would come handy for network admins and any personnel who wants to stop unauthenticated use of his wireless router.

1. Its free to use.
2. It can predict the physical location of the computer using the WiFi connection.

The algorithms applied use various signal variables to accurately predict the position of the connected laptop/machine. MoocherHunter™ identifies the location of an 802.11-based wireless moocher or hacker by the traffic they send across the network. If they want to mooch from you or use your wireless network for illegal purposes (e.g. warez downloading or illegal filesharing), then they have no choice but to reveal themselves by sending traffic across in order to accomplish their objectives. MoocherHunter™ enables the owner of the wireless network to detect traffic from this unauthorized wireless client (using either MoocherHunter™’s Passive or Active mode) and enables the owner, armed with a laptop and directional antenna, to isolate and track down the source.

You can download it HERE