Design ADN infrastructure with BlueCoat

Blue Coat founded in 1996, Blue Coat provides the ADN infrastructure to more than 15,000 customers worldwide, including 81% of the Fortune® Global 500. We also maintain support centers in Sunnyvale, London, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Waterloo and Dubai. Our experience, backed by a worldwide support team, means we can provide the application-level availability, security and acceleration with comprehensive visibility and user control our customers need.
Blue Coat Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: BCSI) is a publicly held company based in Sunnyvale, California. Their core capabilities — Application Performance Monitoring, WAN Optimization and Secure Web Gateway technologies — enable the ADN, providing:

* Visibility to classify and prioritize applications, content and user access in real time
* Acceleration of internal, external and real-time applications across the distributed enterprise
* Security of people and information from malicious applications, content and intent


> Accelerates network applications and improves the performance of businesscritical
applications and content including Web, SSL, rich media and email
> Dramatically reduces bandwidth requirements through caching
> Protects internal users and networks from spyware and other attacks
> Enforces appropriate usage policies for Web access and external content
> Reverse proxy in the DMZ isolates Web servers from direct Internet access and accelerates Web-based applications and public Web sites


> Offers enterprise-level manageability with an ICAP+ level of integration
> Delivers wire-speed, enterprise-grade scanning performance
> Provides choice of best-in-class AV engines to secure both the gateway and the desktop


> Discover and monitor 600+ applications with exceptional granularity.
> Replace probes with intelligent monitoring and optimization on one platform.
> Deliver outstanding voice and video conferencing with per-call QoS and MOS reporting.
> Identify and control recreational applications on the WAN.
> Assure performance of real-time applications including thin client,transactions and voice.

Blue Coat Director:

> Enables centralized policy management and software distribution through a secure GUI
or CLI
> Easily configures backups and disaster recovery
> Allows IT to securely access controls through a Web browser
> Provides detailed reports about job status and results

Blue Coat IntelligenceCenter:

> Offers a consolidated view of performance across the entire system
> Analyzes application behavior with highly granular detail
> Integrates with legacy reporting tools and scales to support future business needs
> Provides role-based views into performance across the IT infrastructure

Blue Coat PolicyCenter:

> Manages up to 600 PacketShaper deployments through a single, intuitive interface
> Automatically deploys and configures remote appliances in minutes
> Applies unique policies based on location, function or other defined criteria
> Scales IT resources to reduce overhead and total cost of ownership.

Blue Coat Reporter:

> Quickly processes even the largest logs, while minimizing the amount of server disk space required
> Distributes and automatically updates a comprehensive view of user activity
> Allows administrators to quickly drill down from general trends to specific user data
> Measures Web traffic performance, trends, errors, bandwidth impact, streaming traffic levels and more